Using Anthill

Once you have installed Anthill, you may be wondering how to use your shiny new toy. This document is intended to help you understand how it is that Anthill can help you with the process of debugging and fixing problems in a medium-sized project.


Here are the documents that are currently available:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Managing Developers
  3. Managing Projects
  4. Managing Bugs
  5. Anonymous (Public) use of Anthill
  6. Changing the Look and Feel of Anthill
  7. Uninstalling Anthill


Wherever the name ``Anthill'' is mentioned in this document, it refers to the Anthill Bug Manager. If other projects, things, or people coincidentally bear the name ``Anthill'', it is assumed that the reader can divine from the context of this document that only the Anthill Bug Manager is being referred to. If not, that is what this note is for.