Recent News

Date: 2003-01-02 00:15:04       Sender: Peter Behroozi
A new version (1.1) of Anthill has been released! Go here to download and here to see what has changed.

Date: 2002-08-21 20:59:14       Sender: Peter Behroozi
A major update to Anthill's documentation has occurred. Look at the Documentation Page for more details.

Date: 2002-06-24 18:06:04       Sender: Peter Behroozi
Anthill 1.0 has been released! This is the first release of the Anthill Bug Manager to Sourceforge. Anthill is a simple, secure, reliable, and fast bug manager based on MySQL and CGI::SecureState. It is also the official example of how to use CGI::SecureState in a serious project. This release (1.0 final version) marks the first anniversary of the Anthill Bug Manager project. Comments and feedback are welcome.